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Shrimp Welfare Project Partners with Taprobane Seafoods and Seafood Connection

Humane Slaughter Initiative Commitment

Shrimp Welfare Project (SWP) is excited to announce another signed commitment. This commitment includes a significant partnership with Taprobane Seafoods, the largest shrimp producer in Sri Lanka, and Seafood Connection as part of our Humane Slaughter Initiative. This partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to enhancing shrimp welfare standards, reducing disease and mortality, and achieving positive environmental impacts. By prioritising humane slaughter methods and comprehensive welfare measures, we aim to set a new benchmark in the shrimp farming industry.


By committing to this initiative, Taprobane Seafoods will adopt humane electrical stunning technology provided by SWP via Optimar into their production chain, marking a significant step towards more ethical shrimp farming practices. This partnership reflects Taprobane's dedication to sustainable and responsible aquaculture, promising to maintain high standards of water quality and disease management while avoiding harmful practices such as eyestalk ablation.

Seafood Connection, a company known for its rigorous quality standards and responsible sourcing policies, will also play a crucial role in this partnership. Their commitment to prioritising stunned shrimps underscores their dedication to bringing responsibly produced seafood to the market. 

This partnership is a major milestone in our mission to improve shrimp welfare worldwide. By working together, we will make significant strides in ethical aquaculture, benefiting not only shrimps but also the communities and ecosystems that depend on this vital industry. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to drive positive change in shrimp farming.


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