Our Team

Shrimp Welfare Project is an organization of people who believe that shrimp welfare is critical to sustainability to enable thriving businesses, a healthy society and a sustainable environment.

We also believe that shrimps are capable of suffering and deserve our moral consideration.

In 2021, SWP was launched by Charity Entrepreneurship, a charity incubator that provided our seed funding. Over the next few years, we're building a small and dedicated team to work on:

  • The Demand side: Reaching out to relevant stakeholders along the supply chain to improve welfare standards for shrimps

  • The Supply Side: Working with farmers to achieve these higher welfare standards

  • Outreach: Increasing the awareness of shrimp welfare as a cause area, assisting in research where possible


In doing so, we aim to improve the lives of billions of shrimps.

Meet our team below:








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