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Below are recordings of some of our outreach work - such as speaking at conferences or on podcasts on the subject of shrimp welfare.

80,000 Hours: After Hours Podcast - Andrés Jiménez Zorrilla on the Shrimp Welfare Project

In this episode of 80k After Hours, Rob Wiblin interviews Andrés Jiménez Zorrilla about the Shrimp Welfare Project, which he cofounded in 2021. It’s the first project in the world focused on shrimp welfare.

Curious Vedanth - Meet Lien-Huong Trinh

In this  podcast episode, Vedanth interviews Lien-Huong Trinh, the Vietnam Programme Coordinator for Shrimp Welfare Project. They talk about the need to improve the welfare of farmed shrimp, and what the organisation is doing to help this issue.


EA Global: London 2022 - The State of Aquatic Animal Advocacy

Moderated by Bruce Friedrich (Founder and CEO of the Good Food Institute), Andrés is joined by Sophika Kostyniuk (Managing Director of the Aquatic Life Insistute) and Alex Holst (Senior Policy Manager at the Good Food Institute) for a discussion on the state of Aquatic Animal Advocacy.

Asia Farm Animal Day 2022: Aquaculture - Do you really understand the industry?

Moderated by our own Lien-Huong, Andrés is joined by Haven King-Nobles (Executive Director of Fish Welfare Initiative) and Dr. Krzystof Wojtas (Head of Fish Policy at Compassion in World-Farming) for a discussion on the current state of aquaculture and common farming practices

CARE 2022 - Lightning Talks

Andrés presents a 10minute lightning talk at the Conference on Animal Rights in Europe 2022. The lightning talk is followed by a Q&A

The Aquatic Life Conference 2021 - Neglected Species (Shrimp and Octopus farming)

Andrés is joined by Daniela Waldhorn (Rethink Priorities) and Jennifer Jacquet (NYU), and each gives a presentation on some of the most neglected species in the animal welfare movement - shrimp and octopus farming.

Animal Advocacy Conference Asia 2021 - Project Announcements: Shrimp Welfare Project

Andrés presents Shrimp Welfare Project to Animal Advocacy Conference Asia (Nov 2021)

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