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Shrimps helped

(in Expectation each year)


Between 1,500,000,000 - 3,000,000,000

Shrimps helped per $ per year

(overall Cost-Effectiveness per $)


Between 1,100 - 2,200

To learn more about how we arrived at these numbers, click here.

Areas of Impact

~700,000,000 shrimps helped per annum


~180,000,000 shrimps helped per annum
~550,000,000 shrimps helped per annum

~220,000,000 shrimps helped per annum


~140,000,000 shrimps helped per annum

Sri Lanka

~440,000,000 shrimps helped per annum

To be added after our Pilot phase

United Kingdom

We collaborate with retailers to help them integrate shrimp welfare into their policies. This effort has led to the adoption of two welfare policies that include shrimps. We are currently working on quantifying the number of individuals who have benefited from these policies as a direct result of our intervention. Therefore, we don't include the impact from these policies into the count of shrimps helped for now.

What is "shrimps helped in expectation"?


Our work focuses mainly on partnerships with stakeholders who commit to use electrical stunning equipment. Our calculations take into account the number of shrimps that will benefit from these commitments.

The commitments have been signed, and the stunners are on their way to the farms. Therefore, we expect a positive impact on the number of shrimps announced.

However, it does not reflect the number of shrimps helped so far.

Sustainable Shrimp Farmers of India


SSFI is a platform and community for like-minded shrimp farmers. It provides a space for knowledge sharing and collaboration. It also offers services such as water quality checks, farm visits by technicians, and online consultations through a WhatsApp-based system. We are currently conducting exploratory work on this project, which is still in its early stages.

Limitations of our numbers


Currently, we don’t assess the extent of impact. The count of shrimps helped is not based on the level of help provided. For example, if two shrimps, one originally destined for slaughter by asphyxiation and the other for slaughter in ice slurry, are both instead electrically stunned after our intervention, we count them both as equally helped. However, there may be a significant difference in welfare improvement between the two. To address this and enhance precision, we are developing a Welfare Index.

Our upcoming data improvement

We intend to publish a more detailed version of our figures in the future. Numbers of shrimps helped to date will be added, as well as impact numbers for Sustainable Shrimp Farmers of India, which are not currently included in our calculations. We would also like to review our impact numbers and refine them using the results of the Welfare Index.

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Additional areas of focus

Our work also involves two other areas:​ 

  • Research: We conduct research on various aspects of shrimp welfare, and publish reports on our findings. In November 2022, we published the Shrimp Welfare Report, and plan to release several other reports in the future.

  • Raising issue salience: We aim to raise the issue salience of shrimp welfare by participating in relevant conferences, webinars, and podcasts.

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