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Seajoy and Shrimp Welfare Project

Humane Slaughter Pilot Agreement

Seajoy Cooke (Seajoy) and Shrimp Welfare Project (SWP) have signed a commitment to collaborate to ensure the welfare of shrimps in Seajoy’s farms. This agreement was made possible largely thanks to the support of Labeyrie Fine Foods (LFF), one of Seajoy’s largest customers.

Commitments from Seajoy include limits to stocking densities, not using eyestalk ablation and ensuring that slaughter methods are as humane as possible. To this end, SWP has committed to support Seajoy by providing electrical stunning equipment, developed by the Norwegian company, Optimar (with whom SWP has also entered into an agreement to support the adoption of electrical stunning technology).

This commitment places Seajoy at the forefront of the adoption of electrical stunning, the most humane stunning method for shrimp known to date. It will allow for more than 6,000 metric tonnes of Litopenaeus vannamei shrimps per year, (i.e. on average 400 million shrimps per year) to receive the most humane treatment available at the moment of slaughter.

“At our Seajoy farms, Animal Welfare has always been our priority. We pursue disease prevention and appropriate veterinary care, shelter, management and nutrition, a stimulating and safe environment, humane management and humane slaughter. We are pleased to partner with organizations such as Labeyrie Fine Foods and SWP as we pursue a common goal, the Welfare of our shrimp.” - Ismael Wong, CEO, Seajoy

“We are extremely excited to partner with such highly reputable firms in the shrimp industry as Seajoy and Labeyrie Fine Foods in spearheading the adoption of the most humane slaughter method available. As consumers and citizens over the world concern themselves more and more about the way their food is produced, we are convinced that the market will recognise and reward these pioneering efforts to raise the bar of animal welfare practices in the shrimp farming industry” - Andrés Jiménez Zorrilla, CEO, Shrimp Welfare Project


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