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MoU with Optimar

Shrimp Welfare Project and Optimar have signed an MoU to collaborate to promote more humane slaughter practices for shrimps! We both recognise the need to minimise the suffering of shrimps in the farming industry and commit to doing so.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Whiteleg shrimps (L. vannamei) are the most widely produced aquatic animal species for human consumption (5.8 million tons in 2020). For farmed shrimps in general, it is estimated that around 400 billion individuals are killed each year. The most widely used method of slaughter for shrimps is thermal shock through immersion in an ice water slurry, but, unfortunately, there are growing concerns that immersion in ice may not adequately stun decapods during slaughter with this process and may even be detrimental to their welfare.

Optimar has led some promising advances in more humane slaughter technology that we both would like to see further studied, developed and adopted. Our work together will consist of moving towards these goals!


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