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Eyestalk Ablation-Free Recognition Project

Why stop using eyestalk ablation?


Eyestalk ablation (ESA) involves one or more of the animal’s eyestalks being removed through crushing, cutting, burning, or tying it off. This increases spawning and shortens the maturation time. However, it disturbs the health and welfare of breeding animals and their offspring. Also, ESA affects the quality of the animals and their survival. This then affects production and can lead to lower financial profits for farmers. Find out more about ESA here.

Major retailers, including Marks & Spencer (UK)John Lewis Partnership / Waitrose (UK) and Albert Heijn (Netherlands), have published commitments to keep their supply chain free from eyestalk ablation.

Various international seafood certification standards have required eyestalk ablation to be banned. For more details, click here.

Featured companies who have fully met the ESA-free commitment

The companies featured in this section are included based on their own self-reported commitments to eliminating eyestalk ablation.

Invitation to be featured on ESA-free Recognition Project

About Shrimp Welfare Project

Shrimp Welfare Project (SWP) is a UK-registered nonprofit organisation. We aim to improve the welfare of farmed shrimps through working with the demand and supply side of the shrimp industry, outreach, and research.

About the Eyestalk Ablation-Free Recognition project

Eyestalk ablation is widely known to have a negative impact on the welfare of shrimp broodstock and their offsprings, yet shows no long-term advantages to producers. The Eyestalk Ablation-Free Recognition project by SWP aims to promote the elimination of eyestalk ablation from the shrimp industry globally. 

The project spotlights corporates who have made an effort to phase out and eliminate the practice of eyestalk ablation from their supply chain, hence transitioning to better welfare for animals. There is absolutely no fee involved in being featured by our project.

Why be featured by our project?

  • Your effort to eliminate a poor welfare practice would be publicly recognised by the first international nonprofit focusing on shrimp welfare exclusively;

  • Your effort would be promoted to consumers, potential buyers, and the seafood industry internationally;

  • You set the standard on higher welfare for the industry to follow.

What does recognition by the project look like?

We will publish a story about your company on our website. You can take a look at a sample story on our website here.

How to be featured by our project?

Please fill out this form. Our team will be in touch with you shortly to share more details.

Having questions? Drop us an email at

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