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MER Seafood

MER Seafood is committed to phasing out Eyestalk Ablation

MER Seafood is a corporate shrimp farm operating in Honduras.


In March 2017, Rilarvi Hatchery by MER Seafood began to phase out eyestalk ablation in their female broodstock. There were periods of time in the following years when the hatchery did a test with a small percentage of ablated females. However, the test did not considerably improve production. Since January 2021, MER Seafood farms have been growing 100% non-ablation shrimp. MER Seafood is proud to guarantee that 100% of their supply chain does not practice eyestalk ablation. 


This move helped MER Seafood come closer to a more humane approach in shrimp production and its aim to improve animal welfare and quality of products, meet the requirements of international certification standards, and ensure a path to 100%  sustainable shrimp farming.


Solar power is the next step in sustainable shrimp farming for MER Seafood. 


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