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Below are reports written by SWP which are intended to give an overview of some of the critical aspects of shrimp welfare and our findings.

Factors Affecting Shrimp Welfare in Aquaculture

This report aims to assess the importance of various factors for the welfare of farmed shrimps, with a particular focus on Litopenaeus vannamei (also known as Penaeus vannamei, or whiteleg shrimp), due to the scale and intensity of farming (~171-405 billion globally per annum). Where evidence is scarce, we extend our research to other shrimps, other decapods, or even other aquatic animals. Further research into the most significant factors and practices affecting farmed shrimp welfare is needed. 

What are our findings after having spoken to more than two dozen stakeholders in the shrimp farming industry?

This report discusses the welfare of shrimps, why we chose India as a scoping country and our findings after having undertaken water quality measurements on shrimp farms and discussions with several stakeholders in the shrimp supply chain.  

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